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The Law Firm

Sander & Krüger

founded in 2012


The law firm Sander & Krüger was created in 2012 from the merger of the law firm Sander, Zirkel, Wicke, Denninger with lawyer Dr. Carsten Kruger.


As early as 1974 and in addition to his work as legal advisor for the Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (BPI) in Frankfurt lawyer Dr Axel Sander started his law firm focusing on commercial law  advising and representing pharmaceutical companies in and out of court in all areas relevant to the industry.


Since 2003, Carsten Krüger has worked in the law firm Forstmann Kleist und Partner, which has also been active in the field of health law and in particular in pharmaceutical law for decades. He became partner in 2004.


The law firm Sander & Krüger - as a partnership between these two lawyers was joined by lawyer Dr. Matthias Runge - as a partner since January 2020.

The law firm continues the traditional advisory focus.

Since February 2021, the area of ​​food law has been strengthened by the lawyer Hanna Gempp.


Companies in the pharmaceutical industry are advised and represented in industry-specific areas of law, such as B. the licensing law, advertising law, contract law, liability law, distribution law and legal issues in connection with the manufacture and development of pharmaceuticals and the implementation of research projects. Clients are also comprehensively supported in matters of social law and especially in the area of ​​reimbursement issues.


Furthermore, companies from the fields of medical technology or medical products, cosmetics, food and health-related consumer goods are comprehensively advised, including in the delimitation and assessment of marketability, the development and marketing of products and in drafting contracts.

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